Barre Location

The pool at our Barre location is a 32′ by 20′ 91-degree salt water pool, designed more like a machine than simply a body of water. The pool is equipped with easy step-in access, bars, a bench, and an ADA lift. Aquatic therapy is best for a variety of physical dysfunctions as it un-weighs the joints while strengthening muscle.

A large window at the end of the pool allows for a tremendous amount of natural light, and the high ceiling makes the space seem even larger than it already is! We also offer pool classes as well as pool memberships.

Colchester Location

The pools at our Colchester location were custom-built to offer a wide range of features. Two separate pools serve different functions: a shallow pool for small children and upper & lower body exercises, and a deep pool for constant current swimming and group classes. We’ve included many different rails, steps, levels, benches, and even a set of plyometric cants to accommodate ages from infant to elderly.

The pools were custom-built by Galaxy Aquatics and installed by the Chinook Group. We use chlorine generators to maintain an adequate chlorine level.

Williston Location

We have two pools at our Williston location: the smaller pool offers steps in and out, rails on all sides, and benches, as well as a constant current to swim against. Our larger pool is custom-designed with multiple levels, all easily accessible, for a variety of aquatic therapy needs.