Company History

In 2002, the owner, Sharon Gutwin, was reaching the end of her parenting duties, and it seemed like the right time to start a business. She hadn’t seen the business concept she envisioned anywhere else: a hybrid between a gym and a physical therapy clinic equipped to provide not only rehabilitation services, but proactive wellness and injury prevention as well. The name “RehabGYM” was chosen as one word purposefully, combining the idea of rehab and gym: designed as one place, where the health professions of physical therapy and athletic training work side by side treating the full spectrum of physical health. The aging population, part of which would fall prone to chronic disease, and another good part active and wanting to stay active, would all be in need of a medically-oriented gym. The name RehabGYM was trademarked nationally and the first location was set up to be a model in the event of growth. And grow it has, gaining recognition in 2008 as Vermont Small Business of the Year, and in 2011 garnered a 5X5X5 Vermont Business Growth Award. Sharon recognizes the need for a more natural and comprehensive approach to physical health and rehabilitation. Her vast experience in physical therapy, along with a passion in community health and fitness, has made her a leader in health care reform. The key to reform is putting control of health in the choices of the individual. Taking ownership of one’s health and fitness proactively is fundamental to the prevention of injuries and disease. Medically directed and supervised exercise is underutilized as a legitimate treatment to poor health. The RehabGYM mission is to enable and empower individuals to good health through safe, effective exercise and good nutrition.