The RehabGYM is excited to announce the arrival of the first Styku machine in Vermont!

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About Styku

“Styku uses the world’s most powerful 3D camera; over a million data points are extracted in less than 35 seconds, resulting in precise body composition analysis. Styku’s virtual tape measure records measurements to within 2mm so that extremely accurate comparisons and trends between scans can be made each time.

The process is quick and non-invasive. A client simply stands in a fixed position on a turntable while it rotates 360 degrees. Within seconds Styku assembles a 3D model of their body along with a full report of body circumferences, composition and shape analysis.”1

What can Styku do for me?

When your Styku scan is complete, your results will automatically be sent to you via email. The data from your scan will be used to give you information about your body fat percentage, calorie expenditure, posture analysis, health risk analysis, and more!! You can track changes and improvements by scheduling follow-up scans!

Where can I find the Styku?

The RehabGYM has one Styku machine that will travel between three sites in Williston, Colchester and Barre on a monthly basis. Styku will stay at each location for approximately 1 week per month. Give us a call to find out where the Styku is right now!

How do I get my scan?

Call the most convenient location for you – we will help you schedule a time to stop by for your scan. It’s quick and easy – we schedule you for a 15 minute appointment, but it will most likely only take a few minutes to complete your scan!

How much does it cost?

Styku scans are FREE (as needed) to RehabGYM standard and senior members.

Silver Sneakers and other Healthways members will receive their first scan FREE. (Follow-up scans are free for Silver Sneakers Upgrade Members! Ask us about the upgrade today!)

Scans are available to the public for the following prices:

Single Scan – $89 Two Scans – $160 Four Scans – $300

1. From the article Styku 3D Body Scanner Launches in the UK in Gym Owner Monthly 11/21/2016