Employee wellness can have a significant cost impact on employers.

The RehabGYM aims to decrease the cost of health insurance policies for employers, decrease the incidence of workers’ compensation claims, rehabilitate injuries that may happen through accidents in the work environment, and to improve the health and wellness of employees.

Prevention is quickly becoming the most prominent form of healthcare as funds are running low to fix health problems that arise. With the high cost of health insurance and the enormous expense of providing workers’ compensation to employees that become injured on the job, it is important to invest in keeping employees healthy. The RehabGYM is interested in working with local businesses to facilitate both employee health and injury prevention.

If an injury does occur in the workplace, and physical rehabilitation is necessary, the RehabGYM can assure employers that the employee will be held accountable and remain responsible for considering rehabilitation his or her primary job in order to quickly recover and return to work. The RehabGYM is the only local facility where a person can exercise independently under the direction and supervision of a physical therapist. The RehabGYM recommends Medically Directed and Supervised Rehab as an option to save on employer costs while ensuring employee accountability.

Cost Analysis of Workers’ Compensation

According to the Vermont Department of Labor, there were 24, 397 work injuries reported in 2001. On average, 8,000 work injuries annually result in filed claims costing an average of $8,110 per incident. The most frequent lost time injury is low back injury, which is usually caused by overexertion or strain.

For more information on cost analysis, view our PDF handout.

How the RehabGYM Can Help

We have a variety of business services to improve the overall health of individuals while lowering employer healthcare costs.

Work Site Analysis – $120 per hour (we can generally assess 2 to 4 employee work stations per hour)

• analyze work environments for safety
• assess ergonomic set-up of work environments
• assess workers in work environment for proper posture, body mechanics, and ergonomic set-up
• make recommendations and train
• provide general programs for stretching and strengthening as appropriate

Individual Health and Risk Assessments and Intervention - $120 per person

• brief medical history and screening (heart rate, blood pressure, BMI, musculoskeletal, endurance, and balance)
• collect brief history of work, lifestyle, habits, activities, and sports
• address immediate concerns, refer to MD when appropriate
• facilitate development of goals, educate, and empower

Individual and/or Group Education - $120 per hour

• good posture and body mechanics
• computer station breaks for health
• the good and bad of exercise
• nutrition
• weight management
• overcoming barriers to health
• relaxation and other stress busters

Wellness Activities – cost to be determined by components chosen

• healthy weight management
• healthy bones
• healthy heart and lungs
• healthy attitude
Individual programs could be established at $120 and cost $50 per month to supervise and advance as needed.
Individuals can choose to participate in a variety of group activities (generally about $8 to $10 per individual per class). Pedometers ($30) and Heart Rate Monitors ($75) help to motivate and measure success. The RehabGYM does have heart rate monitors available for free use in the facility.

Treatment Intervention - $120 per hour

• address early signs of strain / fatigue and prevent worsening of condition
• provide on-site or at the RehabGYM treatment, with emphasis on individual ownership of recovery
• offer assistance in worksite modifications to allow continued work whenever possible
• any person in treatment has free access to the GYM between visits to facilitate improvements and maintain overall health and fitness
• provides safe and efficient work reentry to prevent re-injury
• when possible, offer a lower cost treatment option through medically directed and supervised rehab

Medically Directed and Supervised Rehab

• the patient is in control of his/her own rehab
• measurements taken by medical professional
• issues addressed and goals outlined by medical professional
• rehab program established by medical professional
• the patient takes ownership of rehab program and continues care independently
Medically Directed and Supervised Rehab can be up to 75% less expensive than a traditional physical therapy approach — often with better results!

About the RehabGYM

The RehabGYM offers an innovative approach to heath and wellness. Located in Maple Tree Place, Williston and Roosevelt Plaza, Colchester, the team of staff consists of both physical therapists and athletic trainers. In addition to traditional physical therapy (rehabilitative care), the RehabGYM is a strong proponent of proactive care, such as injury prevention, fitness, and wellness.

Contact information

We’re located at 905 Roosevelt Highway in Colchester, VT. You can give us a call at 861-0111.