The RehabGYM was designed to be a new type of facility: a hybrid between a gym and a physical therapy clinic, combining the flexibility of an exercise facility with the knowledge and expertise of medical professionals. Unlike traditional physical therapy clinics that tend to focus heavily on modalities and treating the symptoms of a painful injury, the RehabGYM instead focuses on the body as a whole and treats the underlying causes of the injury: ensuring you get healthy and stay healthy!

The healthcare system is beginning to direct its focus toward preventative care, and the RehabGYM was founded over ten years ago with injury prevention at the core of its philosophy. When individuals take ownership of their health and fitness and commit to staying healthy, injuries are harder to come by and long-term expenses go way, way down. This is the motivation behind our Medically Directed and Supervised Rehab as an alternative to traditional one-on-one care. This means substantially lower costs for employers, too!

Aquatic Therapy can be an important tool for those seeking to rehabilitate from–or prevent–an injury, and we have custom-designed our pools at the RehabGYM to maximize your therapy options. With multiple water levels designed for both upper- and lower-body work, as well as a deeper pool for classes and constant-current swimming, we have many options to suit your therapeutic needs. The pools are kept at an optimal temperature for comfort, and we have made every effort to decrease the chemical impact of the water on your suit and skin.