Physical therapists (PTs) at the RehabGYM provide both proactive and reactive care to physical health. Historically, physical therapy has been utilized simply for restorative care only to the primary body parts affected, and all too often only up to “functional levels” dictated by insurance money. At the RehabGYM, we believe in treating the whole body, as what affects one body part very often effects the whole. Since safe return to activities demands an optimal level of recovery, our goal is to reach full potential with every patient we see. How we accomplish this is to spend the vast majority of time in physical therapy working on stretching, strengthening, posture, body mechanics, balance, and endurance. While we can, and do on occasion, offer treatments such as electrical stimulation, ultrasound, heat, cold, etc., we believe that these treat symptoms more than problems and with limited time and insurance money, we prioritize our care around what will have the greatest effect on rehab outcome. Every patient in physical therapy is given free access to the gym in between PT visits to supplement their therapy and provide opportunity to keep the whole body physically fit and healthy. When insurance money ends, there is opportunity for continued access to physical therapy intervention through affordable direct pay and/or supervised gym use.

Physical therapy has much more to offer though than simply reactive, rehabilitative care and the RehabGYM is proud to be on the cutting edge of preventative medicine. We are excited to use our profession to help keep the community active, healthy and injury-free. Utilizing physical therapy in providing proactive care to disease and injury is good for the individual and good for the healthcare industry.

Our physical therapists examine patients’ medical histories and then test and measure strength, range of motion, balance and coordination, posture, muscle performance, respiration, and motor function. Next, in a collaborative effort with the client, the PT develops a treatment plan describing a strategy as well as its purpose, goals, and anticipated outcome. After the initial evaluation, treatment at the RehabGYM may incorporate a certified Athletic Trainer and/or a Physical Therapist Assistant.

Our treatment approach is to focus on the reason behind the diagnosis and its symptoms. We don’t rely heavily on modalities such as heat, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, etc., as evidence on their effectiveness is not strong (although they do continue to serve a purpose in some cases). We believe that therapeutic exercise, activities, and postural education, along with manual techniques, are most effective at not only correcting physical problems, but also minimizing and preventing future injury and disease. The treatment offered is a full hour of one-on-one care in most cases.

We empower individuals to take ownership and responsibility for their rehabilitation as much as possible and strive to instill an attitude of lifelong fitness.

Options for traditional Physical Therapy involve more independent, but still PT-directed, care. Our “open gym” environment allows for medically supervised exercise in a supportive environment. This type of care is more affordable and utilized mostly with workers compensation and with people who have no insurance money available.

Our proactive involvement with the community includes opening up our facilities with our expertise to any individual who comes seeking consultation. We are an alternative to the public gyms in that we offer “smart exercise” plans that are individualized according to medical history. This service is presently not covered by most insurance companies but is comparable to more typical personal training offered at public gyms. The clear advantage is that we offer our medical experience alongside exercise experience. Whether you are working on preserving balance and functional independence or training for marathon, we have your physical fitness needs covered.

We also provide services to community and corporate wellness, both individual and group work. Our “Bodies in Motion and Awareness” program is geared toward healthy life style change. Specialty groups such as fire fighters and police can be tested and put on programs to prevent injury and maximize effectiveness in performance.

Our equipment includes a Biodex Balance machine, VO2 max testing equipment, body mechanic and gait video analysis, hand held dynamometer, BMI tester, blood pressure, and weight testing equipment. Exercise equipment includes treadmills, upright and semi-recumbent ellipticals, indoor rower, upright and semi-recumbent bikes, unweighing device, free weights, agility, balance, and plyometric equipment, weighted bars, elastic bands, stability balls, medicine balls, trampoline, rebounder, weight lifting cage, cable column, cable weight machines, nescar arm exerciser, inverter, and constant current therapy pool.

Physical therapy is appropriate for every individual at any age. Give us a call or just stop by to find out how we can help you operate at your full potential!