“I want to thank you again for the great PT routine you taught me that has significantly improved my neck comfort and movements. I enjoy doing the weight lifting at home – it is a good challenge for me and the routine can be changed for variety. It is so HUGE for me to have full neck movement when driving- that quality of life aspect means so much to a person. While my (work-related) neck injury was not so serious, it did however, impact me every day for many months.” – Joyce L.“First I want to say that you all do such a great job and I am so thankful that I joined the RehabGYM and met so many wonderful people. I have never been a person that has liked working out or going to a gym and you all have totally changed that for me. I look forward to class and I always talk about the great new exercises that you guys put me thru! Whether I felt like I was going to die after them or not, I’m always like wow I can’t believe I did that! This has been a really rough fall session for me and I thank you for being there for me to help me thru! Bring on 2014! Please put me down for the mini & spring session I will be there!!” -C.H.

“Your skills and expertise are nothing short of miraculous and greatly appreciated. The only way I can somewhat explain is to say I feel like someone took off my straight jacket and now I can move again. The mobility I am experiencing in my upper body is remarkable. It definitely was worth all the not so good stuff you did to me to feel like I do now. Keep up the terrific work and THANK YOU SO MUCH!!”“Great staff and facilities! Knowledge and professionalism were outstanding.” – J.L.“All the therapists I worked with did an excellent job. My main therapist was very thorough and professional. She was very encouraging and always had a positive attitude. She made the pain of therapy much easier to handle.” – G.C.“You guys run a bang-up operation. I would definitely recommend the gym to anybody I knew for rehab.” – A.W.“My therapists were professional, warm, and caring. I learned a lot about my body and how to care for it. Thank you!” – J.M.

“Everyone at the RehabGYM was working to make my time there well spent. My athletic trainer constantly adjusted exercises as needed and tailored them to my sport. I am very pleased with the outcome. Many thanks to all!” – B.R.“I was very impressed with the quality of rehab as well as capability and personality of every physical therapist. They put me at ease but still pushed me to improve.”“I have been very pleased will all aspects of my ACL rehab experience… Nice, comfortable, inviting facility… Very knowledgeable staff (I trust their information and advice)… Friendly and fun… I appreciate and value the team collaboration (across the staff and direction with my ortho doc). Surprisingly, I’ve actually enjoyed the experience of rehabbing my knee… It’s doing great and I’m in better shape than before injury!” – K.M.“I had a wonderful experience at the RehabGYM. I only wish I was able to come the first time around. I had a great PT – she was encouraging, inspiring, caring, and professional. This gym has a great feeling to it! Thanks for all of your help.” – L.G.

“I’ve been to three other places for PT and my experience at the RehabGYM was by far the best!”“My therapist was very knowledgeable and helpful. I learned so much about respecting the limits of my body.” – M.W.“The RehabGYM has changed my mind set about physical therapy. Thank you!” – J.B.“The athletic trainer listened and adjusted my program according to how my knee felt at the time. I definitely felt like we were a team.” – L.L.“Thanks for the fast and efficient help with my long-suffering injury. Straight to the root of the problem. I finally feel like there’s a clear path to recovery! You rock!” – D.D.“I really liked the exercises rather than taking painkillers. The details of my injury were clearly explained. I had the responsibility in following through with my exercise routine. Thank you!” – C.P.